Autumn Fruits

Autumn – season of mellow fruitfulness.

The leaves have changed colour and they looked great until the high winds ripped most of them off the trees. It’s much colder too and our appetites are turning towards treacle sponge with custard or apple and blackberry crumble. Recently, I’ve been driven to distraction by the Mark’s and Spencer advert for apple strudel. Yesterday I almost succumbed and seriously considered travelling to a town 12 miles away to our nearest M&S to buy one. (I suspect in reality I would have found it too sweet and been disappointed.)

We’re drawn to fruit and sweet, starchy foods at this time of year by our bodies wanting to lay down fat to prepare us for winter. You may not think of fruit this way; it’s usually portrayed as ‘free food’ that’s good for slimming. Actually, sugar is the number one way to put on weight through the stimulation of insulin production. Fructose, the sugar in fruit, is worse still because instead of going into the blood like glucose, it all goes to your liver and a lot of it ends up as fat. Think of bears eating berries in preparation for hibernation.

So if you want to stay slim over winter, you’ll need to go against your natural inclinations and resist the sweet stuff, including apple strudel!