Party Time!

It’s advent now and we’re in the run up to the party season.  Christmas and New Year can mean meals out, buffet lunches and more alcohol than usual.

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Here’s my piece on protecting your waistline during the madness (or see TCP page 14).

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – but don’t lose your waist!

We may hate the darker evenings and cold, wet autumn weather but looking on the bright side, we’re in the run up to Christmas and New Year and that means parties!

It’s easy to get so carried away enjoying ourselves that we lose some of our better judgement about food. It’s tempting to eat far more than usual, drink more, buy more sweets, biscuits, chocolate, cakes, mince pies and on and on. And when you lose your head, you can also lose your waist. In a way, the whole season should carry a big yellow health hazard warning triangle.

The biggest danger as always is sugar. Having a good breakfast which includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats will set a good pattern for the day and protect you from random cravings. Packet cereal, toast and jam contain little goodness and only last a few hours leaving you wanting yet more sugar.

Food manufacturers and retailers are in a frenzy of advertising. Perhaps they even helped to create the culture of excess. Messages of goodwill and generosity mean they’ll rake in large amounts of our money in exchange for making us fat and ill. Bought seasonal treats are usually full of sugar and made with vegetable oil, both of which you’d do well to avoid. Consider spending your money on good ingredients and taking a little time in the kitchen. There’s nothing to compare to home made mince pies and your grandmother’s recipe Christmas cake.

Top tip: Enjoy the festivities and don’t lose your waist!