No Quick Fix

In the December issue of The Cockermouth Post, you can read my piece (on page 24) about lasting results through building better habits.  Here it is:

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is a habit.”


In this day and age we’re used to things happening fast. We can access information instantly on our ‘phones. We can buy things at the click of a button. We’re no longer used to having to invest time; when we want something, we want it yesterday.


Diets offer quick change but in the majority of cases the change is quickly reversed. People can spend years on the treadmill of yo-yo dieting, losing and regaining weight in a miserable cycle of feast and famine that damages their metabolism.


The way to lasting results is to build better habits. Eat a bit of salad with your lunch, reduce how often you indulge in sugary things (biscuits, chocolate, chewy bars), cut out vegetable oil, drink some water.


I recently had the pleasure of speaking to some regular Cockermouth Post readers of who had altered their eating habits as a result of my column. At first they didn’t notice much but as time went on, Helen realised that her body shape had improved. Mike, an asthma sufferer, found that he needed his inhaler less frequently and now, instead of several times a day, he uses it only rarely.


Proving me wrong, Karen who is on the current group course, made one simple change and literally overnight felt better than she had for 30 years! That’s how powerful the effects can be from the things you eat and drink.


So I don’t promise a quick fix. Healthy eating isn’t a magic bullet, it’s a better lifestyle.


Top tip – good eating habits are for life, not just for Christmas!