Pure Madness

Pure foods, refined foods, isolates – what’s it all about? This month I’m looking at what are sometimes called white foods.

Table salt – when they ‘purify’ salt, all the minor minerals are taken out leaving only sodium chloride. The end product is described as pure or refined but perhaps it simply lacks much of its original natural goodness. Unrefined rock salt and sea salt don’t look as shiny white but they contain all sorts of valuable micro-nutrients.

White sugar – about 90% of the vitamins and minerals in sugar are removed in the refining process. Devoid of all these natural micro-nutrients, refined sugar hits the body like a sledge hammer, stimulating insulin production and fat storage. It also acidifies the body contributing to many health problems and of course it rots your teeth. Perhaps it deserves its name of ‘the sweetest poison’ and today we eat far more of it than ever before.

White flour – even natural foods can now contain lower levels of minerals due to modern farming methods. Processing removes some of these leaving even less. The mineral losses in flour refining are approximately: Calcium 50%, Magnesium 85%, Chromium 40%, Manganese 86%, Zinc 77%.

The chemical reactions in the cells of our bodies are very complex. Tiny amounts of very many substances are involved. We’re designed to use whole foods with their kaleidoscope of nutrients all working together. One lady on my course compared this synergy to an orchestra playing a symphony; you need all the instruments playing their part to get the full effect.

Your body needs the extra bits and pieces but refined foods are sadly lacking.

Top tip – eat whole foods.

This article also appears in The Cockermouth Post (June issue) along with lots of other interesting things.