The Men Who Made Us Fat

BBC 2’s hard hitting series last month shone a light on some of the dark decisions taken by the food industry over the last 40 or so years. The BBC showed how these decisions plus the food industry’s influence over the advice issued by the health departments of the American and British governments have contributed to the present obesity crisis.

What have these men done that’s so bad? 1) They’ve added sugars including fructose into our foods which cause our bodies to store more fat. 2) They’ve invented super-sizing and between-meal snacking, so that we eat more than we need. 3) They’ve used any healthy aspect of their product to make people think that the whole product is good for them when in fact many are not. And they’ve done other things that weren’t featured like removing healthy omega 3 fat from food to increase shelf-life.

So who is responsible for the state of the nation? The food industry says that we are. Consumers are responsible for their own health and what they eat. The industry’s job is simply to satisfy demand, sell food and make profit – and they do it very well.

If it is our responsibility to look after ourselves, how can we know which foods are doing us harm? With all the clever tricks, I don’t think it’s really our fault if we’ve been eating bad things. My Nutrition Coaching courses combine self-responsibility and self-care with information – based on science – to cut through the confusion. Those of us who work in healthy eating have know and shared these things for a long time; I’m delighted that they are now coming into the public domain.

The men who made us fat have been rumbled. The game is up. Now it’s time to learn the truth so that you can make better choices for your body.

Top tip – Take responsibility; learn to eat well.