Happy Days

Someone commented recently on how upbeat people have been this summer compared to last. If you think back a year it’s true that the general mood of the country is more positive now and it’s not the weather! He thought it might be partly due to the news being dominated by the Queen’s diamond jubilee, the Olympics and most recently, the Paralympics. We’ve been filled with expectancy, given stories of hope, seen excellence in many forms and people succeeding against the odds. Suddenly we believe that things are possible. Usually the news is full of doom and gloom. Learning about terrible events we cannot control or improve drags us down. Doctors sometimes even prescribe a ‘news-fast’ for people with depression.

Our bodies are one big chemical soup and our mood is powerfully influenced by hormones which act as biological control signals. What you eat affects the levels of various hormones and therefore your mood. Some people who’ve been on my courses have found that as well as physical benefits, they feel much happier once they start eating what they need.

Omega fats are important. Too much omega 6 and too little omega 3 (as has been found in the fat profiles of prison populations) can change mood and behaviour. So ditch the deep fried food and eat more fish if you want to feel cheerful.

Top tips: Limit your exposure to bad news and balance your omega fats.

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The Cumbria Coaching Network also celebrated happiness this week with a brilliant one day conference on Coaching for Happiness with Henry Stewart as the headline speaker.

Laughing is very good for your health and our very own laughter coach Keith Adams got us doing some very silly things as you can see…