Inner Beauty

Hairdressers, beauticians and nail bars are getting busy in the run-up to Christmas. Everyone wants to look their best for lunches out with colleagues and parties with friends. Magazines and TV adverts add to the hype. Don’t you think it’s strange (and a little sad) that even though we all know that every image has been touched up and improved, we still crave the unreal visual perfection we are now used to seeing.

There is another approach to improving your appearance. Research shows that we are attracted to people who look healthy; it’s rooted in reproduction for strong offspring! Even without classical facial features, you’ll look good with a healthy glow and an energetic spring in your step.

It’s easy to see who has that spark and who doesn’t. If your body is clogged up inside with processed food, bad fats, sugar and toxic drinks, it shows. By giving your body good nutrients, you can have strong lustrous nails, clear bright eyes and smooth, soft skin that glows with health. Better than a temporary veneer, lasting beauty starts on the inside. A lady on my summer group noticed after just a few weeks that her skin felt gorgeous.

Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand for your body and your face. Have you tried face exercises? (Check out Jack LaLanne on YouTube.)

Food is the most important factor so I’m offering readers of the Learn to Eat Well blog a pre-Christmas Eating Habits Make-Over for just £23 instead of the usual £35.  We all get into habitual ways of eating.  If your habits are good, you’ll be in great shape.  If you think there’s room for improvement, keep a diary, I’ll take a look at what you eat and drink for three days and send tips for building better habits. This is an email service.  Quote Blog23 when you contact me.

And while you’re thinking about Christmas, why not buy someone a Jackie Wilkinson Nutrition Coaching Gift Voucher as a present?

Top tip – Feed your inner beauty.