Live long 2

A study of world health including 187 countries has listed its top 10 – Britain is not one of them.

Japan has the longest life expectancy for both men and women. One factor might be their high intake of fish which means they get a good supply of omega 3 fats. Omega 3 levels could be linked to the speed of ageing.

Singapore was 2nd for men and 4th for women. A British lady I know has been living in Singapore for many years. As she begins to plan her return, she is looking forward to buying ready meals!  Her health could be about to take a nose-dive. Convenience food is not eaten in Singapore and this may be part of the reason for Luigithem enjoying health so much better than ours. Italy is in the top 10 and they are a people who love wonderful food, prepared from fresh ingredients.  My Italian grandfather was still shopping, cooking, playing bridge and driving right up to the day he died aged 94.

The United States was listed 29th for men and 33rd for women in spite of spending more than double the amount of money per person on ‘healthcare’. By healthcare, I believe they mean drugs and treatments that suppress the symptoms of diseases. I’m not sure how much they spend on action to promote health.  So it looks as though diet and healthy lifestyle factors are more important than money.

A Lancet reports shows that since 1970 we have gained slightly more than ten years of life expectancy overall. That sounds like good news; none of us want to die young. The sting in the tail is that we spend more years living with debility. We’re good at dealing with injuries, diseases and childbirth so these are no longer the main causes of death as they used to be. Instead we suffer from slow acting conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. I don’t know about you but 10 extra years in an incapacitated state doesn’t appeal to me.

The statistics are against us here in Britain.

It’s time to look after ourselves better,


deal with stress

and learn to eat well!