Live long

If you’ve overindulged during the Christmas period, you may not be starting 2013 feeling your best. Now I’m approaching 50, I find I’m increasingly interested in ways to stay young so I thought I’d look at strategies to not only live for longer but live better for longer.


Friendships and good social interaction extend life expectancy. It’s worrying that today’s kids often prefer computer games to playing with each other. Stress relief is also crucial as the stress chemicals your body produces upset the balance of your body’s functions.


Exercise is a good antidote to stress and also extends life and brings many health benefits. Sitting still is very bad and most of us do it for hours on end. You need some variety; not just endlessly pounding the streets but also stretching, resistance training and some higher intensity work. Recent research shows that excessive exercise can be damaging but not many of us do so much that we need be concerned.


I’ve seen the quote, ‘If you’re not learning, you’re probably dead.’ Education turns out to be important, they think perhaps because you learn to delay gratification and plan for the future, rather than just living for the moment. Looking to the future helps when you build new, better habits.


Of course what you eat and drink is of fundamental importance. You want your body to have energy and nutrients for repair and renewal as bits wear out. Natural meats and vegetables provide many nutrients that your body uses as raw materials. The toxins that come with artificial food rob you of energy as your body works hard to get rid of them. Manage your insulin levels by avoiding sugar and reducing intake of grains and refined carbohydrates. Good anti-ageing fats are omega 3 (found in fish) and medium-chain saturated fats (found in coconut oil).


Keep eating well and feel great in 2013.



Top tips: Eat well, exercise, keep learning and enjoy life with the people you love.