Meat Matters

I’m a great fan of the Soil Association and the wonderful work they do in defence of real agriculture.Raw meat q MP900438778 free

When I read a letter in their magazine Living Earth which suggested ‘we should all be eating less meat for our own health’ I felt the need to respond.  My reply is published on the letters page in the spring edition of Living Earth.  For those of you who are not members I quoted the statement above and continued,

‘Actually many people would benefit from eating more meat.  We are not all the same in our dietary needs.  The high carbohydrate metabolic type is the least common in Britain and lots of my clients arrive in a terrible state (as I used to be) due to eating the currently fashionable diet of little meat and even less fat when in fact their bodies need both.  I support you in better-quality meat but refute the notion that less equals healthier.’