Mystery Food

Raw meat q MP900438778 freeThe way news comes and goes, it might seem ages ago that everyone was up in arms for unknowingly eating horse meat in food products. The media have moved on to the latest thrill of the moment, as they must – have we forgotten too?

The horse meat itself wasn’t a problem. From a nutritional point of view, it’s fine. The problem was in the unbelievably convoluted sequence of production steps, suppliers and handlers involved in turning raw ingredients (foods) into products. Even the companies that sold the foods had no idea what was in them.

As consumers, whenever we buy a processed food product, we voluntarily give up our control of what enters our bodies. We can’t really know what’s in it or where it came from so we trust the manufacturers to provide what they claim. When the manufacturers lost control of the supply chain, customers were understandably angry to think they had been eating horse labelled as beef. And without effective quality control, there could be other nasties lurking that we haven’t heard about yet.

Do your eyes light up at the sight of shop bought nibbles at parties or plates full of brownish, unidentifiable things at business lunches? Think twice. I usually have some real food with me so that I can avoid the worst offenders.

Sales of fresh meat from butchers recently went up dramatically as people retook control. If you were one, stick to your guns. It honestly doesn’t take long to grill a chop, even less to steam some fish. Massive advertising pressure will try to tempt you back to factory-made products. For the sake of your health, well-being and peace of mind, you can resist.

Top tip: Keep control of your food – make you own meals.