Motivation to Eat Well

balloons shutterstock_82919143 freeWhen it comes to looking after ourselves, we often neglect to take the action we know would be good for us. The fates of others may or may not touch us deeply enough for us to change our ways. Human beings are not great at second-hand learning. We can see clearly in others that a poor diet leads to weight gain and health problems. We hear about people who have have regained their trim figures and vitality by eating well. And still we may stick to bad habits.

For me, it took an 18 month health problem to get serious about food and improve the way that I ate. As an international sports woman and scientist with an interest in nutrition, it’s strange that I needed such a big push. I even defended the ‘recommended’ eating style that was doing me so much harm. Now that I’m slim, healthy and energetic I find it easy to keep eating right and I wouldn’t dream of going back to my old ways.

You can choose to start eating well without going through a personal crisis. To quote Joan Vernikos, a writer on movement and health, “Why wait to be ill before you decide to be well?”

Some people are motivated to reach for a vision of what they would like to be. Other people spring into corrective action when they foresee a possible terrible future from carrying on as they are. A winning combination for change is 1) dissatisfaction with your current situation, 2) a clear idea of how you’d rather be, 3) some practical action steps to take.

As a coach, I can help you explore what you want plus your motivators, blockers and helps.  I can also equip you for action with sound, practical knowledge about food.

Top tip: Don’t wait, get motivated; the time to eat well is now.Boat shutterstock_56507482 free