Weight Gain Puzzle – The Answer

Last month I confidently declared that the reason Im slim now is the way I eat, not just luck, because twice I have been overweight. At the time, I had no idea why I was needing to stitch denim pieces into the top of my jeans to let the waist out. Like most overweight people in our media dominated world with its images of the body beautiful, I was deeply unhappy with my fat stomach. Later, knowing more about nutrition, I realised that the causes of my increased girth the first time were sandwiches and biscuits. The second time, the culprits were bread, potatoes, pasta and too little fat; the result of advice from a sports nutritionist.

If you know your food types you’ll have spotted that both times my problem was too much starchy carbohydrate. The second time this was exacerbated by having cut my saturated fat intake, never expecting that would be a bad thing. You might also recognise that the way I was eating was the way we’re all told to eat. Remember the food pyramid? Now we have the eat well plate. Both place great emphasis on starchy carbohydrate.

Tot up the portions of starchy carbohydrate you eat in a day starting with breakfast (breakfast cereal, croissants, toast), then lunch (sandwiches, wraps, jacket potatoes), dinner (potatoes, pasta, rice, peas, carrots) and snacks (crisps, crackers).

I can’t begin to fathom why we’re advised to eat in a way that has resulted in over half our population being overweight and miserable. I can test to find out your individual ideal mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and discover how much starch you can handle. It’s probably less than you’d expect. For weight loss and energy gain, it’s well worth knowing and some simple changes could give you a boost.

Top tip: Go easy on the starch.