Quote of the month

Be here, be now, love and enjoy!

Jackie Wilkinson

Yes, this one’s mine.  I created this phrase 20 years ago when I realised how much of my life was spent thinking and worrying about what was next.  For most of my day, my mind was in ‘the next place’ and all it did was made me inefficient and anxious.

So I started to play a little game.  I would ask myself, ‘Where am I’ and the answer would put me back inside my own body, in the place that I actually was, doing the thing I was actually doing.  I used my phrase as the screensaver on my computer.

Now that I’ve studied it more, I realise that this was my fist attempt at mindfulness.  If you’ve never tried it, Mark Williams and Danny Penman’s book Mindfulness is great for getting started.