Public Health Collaboration


The Public Health Collaboration is a registered charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.

Their aim is to improve patient health while saving the NHS money.

The PHC has an advisory board of doctors and many ambassadors across the country, spreading the word.

You might have heard of Dr David Unwin, from Norwood Surgery in Southport. He’s a PHC real food GP and the National Champion of Obesity & Diabetes for the Royal College of General Practitioners. His practice saves £50,000 a year on drugs for diabetes alone.

His wife, Dr Jen Unwin had the inspiration for the wonderful Real Food Rocks event at Ambleside in 2019 – a full day of top speakers on food and health.

What can we offer?

The PHC promotes a scientifically based Real Food Lifestyle (guide here – free) for people maintaining good health.

Importantly, there’s also a The Real Food Lifestyle For Weight Loss (guide here – free) for people suffering obesity and type 2 diabetes.

We offer healthy eating patient groups to teach this.


The PHC wants to help because:

  • adult obesity is at 27%,
  • childhood obesity ranges from 12-25% (depending on age)
  • type 2 diabetes is at 6% (3.5 million people)
  • pre-diabetes is at 35%
  • all of this costs the NHS approximately £16 billion per year or 16% of the NHS’s total budget.

The PHC believes we can turn the tide on public health.

Now that’s worth getting excited about. I got so excited, I’ve just become a PHC ambassador.

Calling West Cumbria Health Care Professionals

If you are a Health Care Professional in West Cumbria (GPs, Opticians, Podiatrists) I’d love to come and talk to you about what we can offer your patients – at no charge to your practice. I can come and give a short (¼h) presentation to describe what we do so you can decide whether to avail yourself of support for your patients.

If you’re keen to get started and don’t want to wait for me to contact your practice, please get in touch.