Eating ‘Out’

Hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend – bit chilly wasn’t it?

Eating out has gained another meaning under the ever-present restrictions on our lives. We literally have to eat ‘out’. Not great in our UK weather.

For the first time I can remember, I’ve been more concerned with the crockery than the food. I’m very much a no-frills person and even as a student, a friend would criticise my presentation when I made him special meals. For me, health and flavour take priority over appearance. My food, like me, is functional, not decorative.

But meeting up for lunch the other day at a farm-shop cafe on a windy hill, suddenly the bowl in front of me gained centre stage.

image by zoer

I call it a bowl. It was really a plate with a bit of a depression. I had a surface area to volume ratio problem. My cream of vegetable soup was cold in about 20 seconds.

Getting back into cafes and restaurants will be heaven. Meanwhile, I’ll think twice about what I order and if I want hot soup, I’ll ask about the shape of the bowl 😉