Quote of the Month – Happiness


Treat everyone with kindness, including yourself,

There is always something to be grateful for;

Enjoy the little things in life,

      that may sometimes pass you by,

Cherish precious moments and those whom you adore

Spread happiness like butter,

      open the blinds and the shutters,

Raise the curtain on the things that bring you smiles,

From fashion to music, football to food,

Piano playing cats or photos of Harry Styles.

Be cool with who you are and know

      you’re a part of something big,

Have goals to keep learning new things;

Life can be swings and roundabouts,

      but the world is your playground,

Joy can make you fly without wings.

Find ways to get up, find a disco to get down,

On earth we are all sisters and brothers;

If compassion is in your plan of action,

      you may gain satisfaction,

And bring happiness to yourself and many others.

All on the Board