Quote of the Month – Repeat

You get what you repeat.

James Clear

From Atomic Habits

This applies to your work, your finances, your health, everything that makes up your life.

Your body is the result of your daily little habits. Eat just a little better every day and you will become slim and healthy.  Do a diet for a few weeks this year and you’ll probably be having to do another one next year.

Build good habits a bit at a time.

If you set any New Year Resolutions, I hope they’re going well.  If you didn’t, or enthusiasm has started to wane, I’m doing a special Jackie’s Gee Up looking at Goals and Habits on Tuesday 15th February, 7:30 – 9pm on Zoom. In it, I’ll use some tips from international sport’s psychology and the Silent Coaching technique so you each finish the evening with a clear idea of where you want to get to and how.  Contact me to learn more.