Why Learn Recipes?

We all have meals we like, that we know how to make and that we eat again and again. It lets you work on autopilot and cook without having to think about how a new recipe will work or having to plan buying different ingredients.

Most people own several recipe books (not to mention the infinite selection online) but usually only make the same half a dozen different dishes.

When you’re well and life is running smoothly, it’s easy enough to plan a week, buy ingredients and experiment a little. That’s the time to learn some new recipes and embed them until it feels effortless to make them. But when there’s something upsetting your routine or you’re unwell as I have been this month (hence the brevity of this thought), it feels more of an effort to cook meals from scratch every day. That’s when it helps to have a few more options under your belt so you can still eat real food. Having some portions in the freezer from previous batch cooking sessions is really helpful too!

And of course simple basic cooking not needing a recipe at all can be quick and easy – grill a chop while boiling some potatoes and knocking up a salad. Together with your learned recipes you can end up with many, many choices you’re comfortable with instead of half a dozen.

What recipes to learn?

Variety is good for your body and eating the same things all the time can lead to problems. Include meals with red meat, white meat, different types of fish, different types of vegetables and salads, different types of starchy carbs, different herbs and spices.

Have a count and share with us how many different meals you cook with ease.

Top tip: Keep adding to your repertoire of learned recipes.