Are you Malnourished?

It’s a growing trend for people to be over-fed and undernourished. How can this be?

Particularly with the modern trend of eating less fresh, home-cooked food, less fat and less or no meat and less fresh veg, deficiencies have increased in omega-3 fats, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin E, iodine and heart protective butter fats.

Other common vitamin and mineral deficiencies are vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K2.

Over 50% of the foods eaten in Britain are ultra-processed and lack goodness and the right fats needed to aid absorption.

People suffering from deficiencies in nutrients often don’t realise that these are the root of their problems. Signs can be subtle and brushed off or put down to other causes. They include tiredness, shortness of temper, aches and pains and low immune system leading to illness.

When you know provide your body with what it needs, you enjoy more energy and vibrant health.

The Food Industry Wins Again

Every few years, groups of doctors and nutritionists campaign for changes to benefit people’s health. Governments get enthused and prepare new rules. And then the food industry comes in and it all gets dropped as we’ve just seen this month. They are simply much more powerful.

The tragedy is that the consequences of eating bad food has broken the NHS. The high levels of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, cancer and Alzheimer’s are directly linked to diet. The opportunity to curb advertising and promotion of health damaging rubbish has been missed yet again and people will continue to die too young having suffered years of horrible diseases.

Grass Roots Approach

The Public Health Collaboration takes a grass roots approach which you can be part of.  (Lots of info on their website and YouTube channel.)

Since it is not currently possible to get policy level changes, we’re on the front line to change things for better health. We can eat well ourselves and spread the word among our family and friends.

Top tip: Encourage those you know and love to eat real food.

PS One of the things included in my Eat for a Better Life course is where to get key macro and micro nutrients.