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I’m Jackie and I offer nutrition coaching to help people learn to eat well, feel fab and enjoy their lives.

I’m passionate about food and health. Why?

I’ve eaten badly and suffered.  I spent about 10 years overweight, hungry all the time, tired all the time, miserable and moody with bad skin and a weak immune system.  Then I learned to eat well and now I feel 19 (even though I’m over 50)!

Yoga on Ilkley Moor – baht ‘at of course!

I know what it’s like to be without my health and it’s hell.  Not being able to do all the things I wanted to do was so frustrating.  In the end I got ill – for a year and a half!  I’m never going back there and that’s why I eat well.

I want you to have great health and happiness too so that you can do all the things you enjoy.  That’s why I made a career change and it’s why I want to help you learn to eat well.

What’s my Nutrition Coaching all about then?  When you have a consultation with me or come on a course, I show you how simple it is to give your body what it needs to feel great.  It’s all about real food that you can buy yourself; I have no pills or potions to cost you money.  I use my experience plus my background in science to explain what your body wants and where to get it.  I use coaching to help you improve your eating habits.

To get my full Eat Well News, sign up here.  I’ll be in touch with you about nutrition and health, and to provide articles by me and others, and updates (eg research and campaigns relating to nutrition and health), and marketing (eg events, products, services, talks and courses), and recipes, and things to bring a smile. You can let me know all the ways you would like to hear from me either by using this form or sending me an email.

Top Six Eat Well Blog Posts

To give you more idea where I’m coming from, here are some of my very best blog posts for you starting with why I’m slim.  Part of the secret is not to go on a diet.  Here’s why.  Another is to eat real, fresh food which is what The Mediterranean Diet is really all about in spite of how various organisations have manipulated and misrepresented it recently.  To see how people do eat in Italy, check out what I say about Food on TV and catch up with Inspector Montalbano.

If you’re worried that cooking is difficult or takes too long, read this piece inspired by a friend who told me “Cooking is common sense and the application of heat.”  Don’t use vegetable oil for cooking though; take a peek at Omega 6, The Devil’s Fat.

Salad in the car


Eating when you travel can be as easy as eating at home

– with a little foresight.





So pause to consider the massive impact on your life from what you eat.  If you want to feel great, a few well-chosen, simple changes can make a world of difference.  Britain is a nation in crisis and I can’t turn the tide; but I can help you if you’ve decided you want better for yourself:

a better body – better health – more energy – no dieting

– a life doing the things you want to do

When people learn to eat well through one-to-one Nutrition Coaching or my Eat for a Better Life group programme they can feel fantastic and enjoy their lives.  Some of the things they’ve said are on the ‘What Customers Say’ page but here are just a few:

It’s life changing / such freedom around food / I can dance all night / I don’t diet anymore / My trousers are too big / I feel more alert, purposeful, enthusiastic, calm at work



I live in West Cumbria but the wonders of technology even reach this remote corner of the country.  If you’re ready to change, contact me and let’s talk.

My Twitter handle is @eatwellcoach. I share tweets about food and health, research, interesting ideas, recipes and sometimes just nice things to bring a smile.


Here’s my full story:

Pic by John Story

Following advice, I ate a diet considered very healthy; low in fat with lots of fruit and veg.

Did I feel great?  NO.  I was overweight, perpetually hungry, always tired (I mean all the time), often felt dizzy and suffered from bad skin, depression and mood swings. Many of you will know how frustrating it is to try to eat well, thinking you’re doing the right thing but not getting the result you hoped for. My 30s were a decade of misery.

Searching from relief from an 18 month illness, I took a metabolic type test. I was amazed to discover that my ‘healthy’ eating style was far from good for me. It turns out that we’re all different and need to eat differently, “one man’s meat really is another man’s poison.”  In 2004 I radically changed my eating style, my excess weight melted away, my energy came back, my mood stabilized and I’ve felt great ever since.  I’m over 50 now and I feel 19.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz7hv7IHoCc&w=560&h=315%5DI’ve known the misery of being without my health and I don’t ever want it to happen again. Eating well is very important to me and I enjoy the benefits every day.  My mission is to help other people enjoy those benefits too.


Wishing you well


Pic by John Story, Whitehaven News

Other strings to my bow:

If you want to sort out any issues with your career, my Integrated Performance Coaching approach brings my experiences as an international sports woman together with business coaching to help professional people achieve excellence at work. www.jackiewilkinson.co.uk

I’ve had two books published Succeed in Sport and Survival Guide for the Skint – the third on food and health will be next.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for the talk you did at Harwell today Jackie. It was most informative and interesting. I’m inspired to try a more healthy diet to see if it help with my anxiety disorder as well as general well being. How great it would be not to feel bloated, lacking in energy and to be able to think clearly¬

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