Diets & ads

Ads – If you see any adverts while you are looking at the Learn to Eat Well blog, please be aware that I have not caused their appearance and possibly would not endorse whatever they are selling.  This is particularly the case if any ads pop up for diets.

Diets – there are two ways we use the word diet: going on a diet or eating a healthy diet.

Going on a diet.  eg for weight loss.  Which sort do I recommend?  None of them.  Diets for weight loss usually involve some sort of deprivation – calorie restriction, fat reduction or cutting out whole food groups.  Others take food out of the picture almost completely with pills, shakes and bars.  Dieting places stress on your body and often leads to short term nutritional deficiencies and long term weight gain so I don’t encourage anyone to do it.

  • The average woman will spend 31 years of her life on a diet.
  • Of every 100 people who lose weight, 98 put it back on.
  • 95 will weigh more 5 years after dieting than they did before they started.

Eating a healthy diet.  You’ll get my support all the way with this one.  Real food, real nutritional goodness.  Eat well and reap the benefits!

My advice is, ‘Don’t diet, learn to eat well.’