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For great work you need to be at your best without suffering any afternoon slump or fuzzy concentration. That means putting the right things in your body. You wouldn’t try to run your computer on gas or your car on jet fuel.

Productivity, safety, performance at work, good concentration, stable mood, sustained energy and robust health are all directly linked to the food and drink, but with confusing messages everywhere it’s hard to know what to eat for the best.


Invite me to come to your business and I’ll run interactive workshops for your staff (1 hour – 1 day) that will bust many currently fashionable food myths to help you feel great and work at the top of your game.

Julie, a Nutrition Coaching client, wrote to me.

I had to let you know the result of eating a ‘need food, no time’ lunch today – I rarely have bread now or sweet things. So I was stunned at the effect on my brain this afternoon of a cheese sandwich and strawberry yoghurt. Complete loss of focus and resort to getting up and going for a walk to try and fix the problem.

Is that what other people experience and are just not aware of it?

Anyway thanks for your great advice and I’m really enjoying my new focus and ability to concentrate.”

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Clients include: Rolls-Royce Marine, Nuvia Ltd, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, South Lakes District Council, Travis Perkins.

Eat for Better Business


  • Key tips for breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

  • Food types and mixtures.

  • The truth about fats.

  • Lots of opportunity for people to participate.

  • Handout for each attendee.

  • Action setting to increase commitment
  • Duration to suit; minimum 1 hour.

  • Potential ROI of 10 man days per year per person who improves what they eat.

Learn how different foods affect your body, mind and health.

Duration and content can be tailored for your situation.

Additional Services 

  • Self-score healthy eating quiz.
  • Analysis of individual eating diaries.

  • Tests of personal metabolic type.

  • Review of foods and eating facilities at your workplace.

  • Personal goal setting.

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