Wheatgrass is called the king of superfoods.  I think it’s wonderful and talk about its properties on my courses.  Depending on people’s enthusiasm, there are different options from growing to buying.  Here are three possibilities:

1. Grow your own

My preference is to grow my own wheatgrass and juice it myself.  I can add celery, pear, lime or anything else that takes my fancy at the time!  Check out this video of Paul making a salad in a glass.

Sometimes the temperamental weather means that my grass grows slowly and I want another way of getting a ‘shot’.

2. Frozen Wheatgrass Juice

I buy wheatgrass juice frozen in little pots from Live WheatgrassIt comes well insulated and won’t thaw out before you get home.  Then you just take an individual pot out of the freezer when you want one.

If you order using the code


you will get an extra week’s supply free.

3. Wheatgrass Juice in Pouches

I buy wheatgrass juice in pouches from Tonic Attack.  It’s very useful when I’m travelling as it does not need to be kept in a fridge.  I took some with me when I represented Great Britain at the 2012 World Field Archery Championships.

You can order via their website from this page.  If you contact them and say you are a Jackie Wilkinson Nutrition Coaching client, they will give you an initial discount.

They also sell broccoli sprout juice.