Recipe Anyone?

Have you seen the TV competition looking for one top recipe to be turned into a ready meal? I have created some great recipes. Others were my mother’s or my Italian grandmother’s. Have I sent one in? No. Will I compete for the prestigious prize of seeing my dish on sale? No.

Here’s the thing. S/W Ver: 85.83.E7PFor all my recipes, the first (unwritten) instruction under method is ‘buy the ingredients and cook it yourself.’ If you want to eat my best dishes, ask me for the recipes and I’ll happily share with you.

Perish the thought that a ready meal should ever be passed off as resembling what the freshly cooked dish looks, smells or tastes like. My grandmother would turn in her grave if she thought that anything microwaved in a plastic tray might be attributed to her.

The trailer for the programme says, ‘it’s hard to beat good, honest, home cooked food.’ That’s true. But ready meals are not home cooked food; they’re not even close. As well as the disappointing change in taste and texture, it’s necessary to stabilise a meal that has been prepared in advance, so other substances are added which I really don’t want to eat. Also, the older and more processed food is, the lower the nutrients. I can’t over emphasise the health benefits of eating fresh, natural food.

So sit back and enjoy watching the show. Be inspired by the character of the cooks. But if you like the look of something (salmon cheesecake? fascinating), visit their website, get the recipe and make it yourself!

 Top tips: Collect great recipes; cook your own great food.