Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Jackie Wilkinson uses and protects your information.

Jackie Wilkinson may change this policy from time to time. The most up-to-date policy will be displayed on this page for you.

Who I am

Jackie Wilkinson is an independent coach, trainer and consultant. I deliver services to individuals, groups and businesses, either alone or as an associate of other organisations.

I am committed to protecting your privacy and do all I can to keep your personal information safe. I only use your information in ways I believe you would reasonably expect. This includes not selling or sharing your personal details with other organisations for the purpose of their marketing.

Where I Get Information From

Almost all of the information I hold is given to me directly by the people concerned.

Some information comes as referrals from others eg name with contact details.

Some information is collated from public sources (internet, trade /professional publications).

I do not hold data on children and take no clients under 18 years old.

Types of information

General information

If you are a client or sign up to receive my news I will usually collect:

  • Name
  • Contact details – generally email and telephone, occasionally postal address eg. for those not on email or for house visits.
  • Evidence of consent – hard copy sign-up sheet or email
  • Payment details
  • Supplier information
  • Details for business contacts

Detailed information – Business Coaching Clients

Detailed information for coaching clients is hard copy and includes name, notes made during our conversations, my reflections following and preparation for the next session. I hold e-copies and hard copies of coaching agreements. Also any feedback of your views on my services. I ask for your specific permission to publish your comments.

Summary information – Business Coaching Clients

I keep a hard-copy coaching log as a record of my coaching practice. This contains names, dates, durations and topics of sessions.

Detailed information – Nutrition Coaching Clients

I hold information given to me by clients to enable us to work together. This includes name, email, telephone number (s), postal address where applicable, other details such as: your health, why you wanted to work with me, how food affects you, eating diary, meal test results etc.

I also hold any feedback given to me. Where permission was given on the feedback form, some of this may be on my website.

Summary information

I keep a summary table of all past clients including name, email, telephone number, date we worked together, metabolic type (if you completed the test) and how you came to know about my services. I also have a table for each course I run with administrative information.

Purpose of information

Contact details enable communication of information that’s relevant and useful to those who have signed up for courses, coaching, nutrition news and updates. Every individual I send these to has expressed their interest in my services either directly or through a third party. I may send promotional emails about my services, special offers or other information which I think you may find interesting.

Nutrition forms and notes enable giving of appropriate advice for clients.

Coaching notes enable appropriate engagement with coaching clients.

Justification for gathering and processing data

For nutrition news subscribers, the justification is active sign up.

For clients, the justification is performance of the work.

Being a nutrition client entitles you to a ‘soft opt-in’ for further notifications after having nutrition coaching. Jackie’s Gee-Ups are special meetings for past clients. I will invite you to a few after your Nutrition Coaching. I will not assume that you wish to sign up to my newsletter just because you have been a client. I will send you a few and offer you the chance to sign up.

For business coaching clients and consultancy clients, I will contact you based on our existing or previous business relationships.

How I Care for Your Information

Some information is held electronically and backed up. I do not store any of your information in the cloud. Longer term, I keep hard copies of forms and notes in locked drawers.

How long I Keep Information

I keep contact details indefinitely unless you unsubscribe or ask to be forgotten. Following a check in case of accidental unsubscribe, all details of that individual will be deleted at the earliest opportunity.

Coaching notes are kept for not more than 5 years after coaching has finished.

Nutrition notes are kept for 3 years unless instructed otherwise by clients. (In my experience, people sometimes return to do more work on their nutrition and this can be after a gap of some years.)

The Nutrition Coaching client summary table is kept indefinitely. Nutrition clients can return after many years and expect me to know their metabolic type and history.

Records made for financial records may include names and other details of clients, suppliers, venue operators etc. I am required to maintain financial records that must be available for HMRC review for up to seven years. In these instances, the legal requirement to retain these records takes precedence over GDPR. My accountant uses cloud storage for my accounts: data include client name (I now use only initials in my bookkeeping table), product/service, purchase date, amount, payment date.

Destruction of Information

Hard copy information no longer required is burned.

Electronic information no longer required is deleted.

Except in the case of a ‘request to be forgotten’, minimal data will be retained sufficient to record that an individual / organisation has expressed a wish not to receive further communications.

Please note that I am required to maintain financial records that must be available for HMRC review for up to seven years even where these include your information.


Except in respect of my accounts I will not share your information with anyone unless there is a legal requirement or where there is risk of harm to yourself or others.

Data shared with my accountant includes receipts, invoices, purchase orders, bank statements which may include names and other details of clients, suppliers, venue operators, product/service sales, etc.


Coaching Supervision

As a matter of professional practice, I discuss my coaching with an independent supervisor. The purpose is to reflect on and develop my coaching skills. I do not individually identify people when discussing examples of my coaching with the supervisor.

Links to other websites

My websites contain links to other websites of interest. I have no control over other people’s websites so cannot be responsible for your protection when you visit those other sites. Each should have its own privacy notice.

Social Media

If you follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, my blog on WordPress or Eat Well News via Mailchimp, your data are held by them and fall outwith these arrangements. Each of these organisations has its own privacy policy. For example Mailchimp participates in and has certified its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Your Rights

Rights to be informed, access, rectification, erasure, restrict processing.

Your Right to Request Your Information

You may request details of the personal information which I hold about you.

If you request your, I will provide it without delay, electronically, unless you have no email address, in which case a hard copy will be sent by post.

I will provide the information at the earliest opportunity

Your Right to Correct Errors in Your Information

If you believe that any information I hold on you is incorrect or incomplete, please let me know. I will correct any errors at the earliest opportunity.

Your Right to Unsubscribe

If you no longer wish to hear from me, there are lots of ways to let me know.

– each newsletter has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

– email me at or

– call me or text 077824 77364

Your Right to be Forgotten

Under GDPR, individuals may exercise the right to be forgotten. If this is requested, detailed records for that individual will be destroyed at the earliest opportunity. Names/contact details appearing in electronic summary tables will be deleted and names/contact details in hard copy eg summary table and sign up sheets, will be obscured eg with marker pen.

Other rights

Portability is not applicable.

I do not use any automated decision making.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will be updated from time to time. The most recent version will be posted to this webpage.

Jackie Wilkinson

Updated 29 April 2020