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Top Tips:

Top Tip 1 – Drink Water !


Top Tip 2 – Don’t diet


Top Tip 3 – Cut down on sugar


Top Tip 4 – Cook with Coconut Oil


Top Tip 5 – Eat Fish


Top Tip 6 – Forget Calories


Top Tip 7 – Breathe

You might think you do it all the time but there are different ways of breathing.

Top Tip 8 – Listen to Your Body

I know that you read this blog and look at my videos understanding that I promote real food.  I’ve taken this video down to remake it as I realised there was a slim chance someone might think I was saying that their hankerings for sweets, crisps, take-aways and fizzy pop were requests from their bodies for some good nutrient in them.  Any cravings for processed food products are down to the addictive substances they put in them (like sugar, salt and MSG) and they usually contain almost no good nutrients at all.


Top Tip 9 – Sunshine

Why a bit of sunshine is a good thing










Superfoods Series


What a wondrous food this fruit is.


Wheatgrass Juice

Paul who came on one of the courses shows great imagination with his juicing and creates a salad in a glass!  Making wheatgrass juice taste good is quite a feat.  NB It’s best to rinse your wheatgrass before you juice it.


It’s odd looking stuff and has an interesting flavour!  So what can spirulina give you and how can you use it?


Hemp seed

Find out why a plant with really deep roots might be a beneficial addition to your diet.



Delicious, nutritious, what’s not to love about coconuts?  Oh, you might not be confident you could get into one – here’s how.


Sprouted Seeds and Beans

Everyone can enjoy the very freshest home produce – even if you don’t have a garden.  How to grow your own sprouts – step by step!



Find out what makes these nondescript looking, brown seeds so special.