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Dr Aseem Malhotra currently leads the charge for healthy eating and lifestyle in Britain.  Having not been taught about nutrition in his medical training, he looked into it himself.  Often on TV and in the papers, in 2016 he showed his film ‘The Big Fat Fix’ to MPs in Westminster. doctoraseem.com

Nutrition expert Zoe Harcombe writes about food, obesity and conflict of interest.  She doesn’t pull her punches!  If you’ve noticed a food issue in the media, her articles cut through the spin so you can understand. www.zoeharcombe.com

Andreas Eenfeldt‘s www.dietdoctor.com site contains excellent articles about food and its effects on health including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Michael Joseph writes short, straight forward, illustrated pieces about foods and their health benefits.  www.nutritionadvance.com


Joanna Blythman is an investigative journalist who writes about the British food chain and the damage that processed food is doing to the health of our population.  www.joannablythmanwriting.com

Dr Sarah Myhill practices in Wales.  Her website www.doctormyhill.co.uk contains a lot of information on nutrition and health.

Dr John Briffa is enthusiastic about eating for health and used to write great blog.  His posts were short, easy to understand and underpinned by scientific evidence.  I was fortunate enough to have dinner with him while down near London for an archery competition and he’s a great guy.  He’s also written some very good books www.drbriffa.com

Jamie Oliver – if you have kids,there are recipes on Jamie’s Family Food and Ministry of Food pages.

Karen LeBillon – if you have kids who are picky eaters, check out karenlebillon.com who blogs and writes books on kids, food and all things French.

Food Assemblies – a great way of linking local producers of good food to their local market.  With over 900 of them, there might be one near you. thefoodassembly.com

The Create Escape – Angela and Debs run cookery demonstrations as part of creative activity days from a farmhouse in South Cumbra.  I do Eat Yourself Well days – look out for them on the list.  They’ve also done bread making, photography, felting, jewellery, water colours…….   The venue is beautiful, the food is amazing and the people are lovely.  Why not treat yourself. www.thecreateescape.org.uk

Love Cocoa – I couldn’t believe it when Britain sold Cadbury’s to America and their chocolate isn’t what it was.  However, great, great grandson James is selling quality, organic chocolate by post in an ethical business reminiscent of the original brothers. lovecocoa.com

Helen’s Herbs, West Cumbria, grows a range of wonderful herbs and sells them by mail order. helensherbs.co.uk.

Bee Inspired make creams and soaps using honey and beeswax from the bees they keep.  The products are chemical-free and gorgeous.  I particularly love the foot cream naturalbeeswaxcreams.com

Pure Lakes is a Cumbrian company making natural skin care products.  Their approach to good, natural ingredients reminds me of the Body Shop in the early days when the inspirational Anita Roddick first started her business www.purelakes.co.uk

Incognito is 100% natural insect repellent.  It was developed by Howard Carter during his recovery from malaria and dengue fever, contracted while travelling in India. www.lessmosquite.com

Beauty Beyond Bones is a blog by an ex-anorexic and is a heart on the sleeve sharing of the pain of eating disorder and recovery from a Christian perspective. beautybeyondbones.com

To understand the nasty chemicals in your care products, read this blog from Green People.

Senhouse Centre, Whitehaven A place for healthy living whitehavencommunitytrust.co.uk/thesenhousecentre.htm

Personal Trainers in West Cumbria

Sam Ayers www.bodyfitpersonaltraining.co.uk

Kate Jarvis www.letsgetfitforlife.co.uk