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Aristotle said ‘we are what we repeatedly do;

excellence then is a habit.’


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Eating Habits Review – Eating Habits e-Mini – Metabolic Type Test – Eat for a Better Life Course – My Transformational Year – Jackie’s Gee-Up – Eat Well MOT – Kitchen Cleanse – Shopping Special.


Eating Habits Review

This is a great way to start. I’ll send you an eating diary to fill in. You send it back with your current habits. I’ll colour code it. We’ll talk about what it means and some key changes that will give you the biggest benefit. Drop me an email to book

Price: £65

How: forms by email, discussion in person, by ‘phone or Skype.


Eating Habits e-Mini

Low cost, easy. I’ll send you a form, you return it, I send you my top three tips tailored for you. Drop me an email to book

Price: £19

How: By email


Metabolic Type Test

We are all different. There is no one healthy diet that suits everyone. Find out what’s right for you. Drop me an email to book

Price: £125

How: guidelines and forms by email, two discussions in person, by ‘phone or Skype.


Eat for a Better Life Course

Whether you want more energy, better health or freedom from diets, this course will teach you what you need to know. Based on science, not fashion, Jackie well and truly busts common foods myths. Drop me an email to book

Price: £145 per person as part of a group

£65 per hour for one-to-one

How: six sessions in person or by Skype

  • Metabolic type test included

  • Personal coaching session to explore goals included for each group member

On the 6 session Eat for a Better Life course, you’ll:

  • support your body with your ideal food mix
  • avoid energy slumps
  • build health with nutrients
  • see through food product marketing
  • develop health habits
  • learn the truth about fats
  • avoid toxins
  • …… and much more!

Here are some of the reasons people came on the course:

  • borderline diabetic, now blood results perfect
  • high cholesterol, now normal
  • wanted more energy, now have it
  • yo-yo dieter / overweight, wanted lasting solution – lady dropped 6st & 8 dress sizes, man dropped 4 stone and had to buy new suits
  • wanted to feel satisfied by food, now I do
  • was bloated, now better
  • had IBS, now gone
  • wanted to understand food, now confident

Details of next course here.


My Transformational Year

The ultimate programme – a year of personal transformation. All the content of the Eat for a Better Life Course personalised for you.  A tour of your kitchen cupboards and a shopping trip (actual or virtual).  Cooking and how to tweak your favourite recipes.  Ongoing coaching as you work towards your goals.  Extra sessions throughout the year taking you to the next level of food and wellness understanding.  An Eat Well MOT for the following year.  My personal support on your journey.

Price £2470

Call me to start your transformation 077824 77364.


Jackie’s Gee-Up

You’ve done the course, you’ve made good changes, you feel great but you need help to stay on track. Jackie’s Gee Up provides ongoing support for Eat Well alumni.

Sessions include motivation boosting, further learning on new topics, demos and samples. Reinforce the good eating habits you’ve built and get back on track where old bad habits have crept in. Enjoy the mutual support of the Eat Well Gang at Jackie’s Gee-up group sessions. Drop me an email to book

Price:  £19 per person as a group

£65 for one-to-one

How: in person, by ‘phone or Skype.

Details of next Gee-up here.


Eat Well MOT

We have our cars checked once a year for roadworthiness.  Why not have an annaul MOT of your eating habits.  Drop me an email to book

Price: £65

How: forms by email, discussion in person, by ‘phone or Skype.


Kitchen Cleanse

If you suspect that some of the things in your cupboard, fridge and freezer aren’t the best for your health, a Kitchen Cleanse could be for you.  We’ll go through the lot together, consider what to take off your shopping list in future and work out better alternatives.  A fun afternoon on the road to a better you!  Drop me an email to book

Price: on application – actual or virtual dependent on location.


Shopping Special

We’ll walk round your usual shops together and check out what’s good to buy.  You could simplify and speed up your weekly shop while you boost your health.  Drop me an email to book

Price: on application – actual or virtual dependent on location.


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