I’m often asked for recipes.  Most of my cooking is so simple it really doesn’t count.  You don’t need a recipe to steam some white fish and vegetables (5 minutes) over a pan of brown rice (boil for 20 minutes) or to grill chops while boiling potatoes and steaming vegetables on top.

A few of my recipes are below but here are some good websites from writers who understand food and know that it’s best to cook with saturated fat as it doesn’t get corrupted by heat.  If you come across anything that recommends cooking with sunflower oil or similar vegetable/seed oil, substitute a stable, saturated fat instead.

Dr Mercola – with information about the health benefits of the foods.

Real Meal Revolution  – Tim Noakes is a proponent of the low carb, high fat diet.

The Medicinal Chef – Dale Pinnock

The Low Carb Kitchen – Emma Porter (type 1 diabetic)

Low Carb Diabetics – using foods low in starch and sugar to tackle type 2 diabetes.

Low Carb Diabetics Recipe Blog – just what it says.

Diet Doctor – low starch recipes from Dr Andreas Eenfelt.

Eat The Butter – how to put together low-carb meals

Ministry of food – recipes from the national hero and good food campaigner Jamie Oliver.

Family food – Jamie Oliver’s family recipes and advice on infants and children.


The header picture on this page is a typical lunch for me: salad, meat, cheese, dressing.

The dressing is the only thing that counts as a recipe: 6 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp avocado oil, 1 tbsp cider apple vinegar, dash of lemon juice, 1 tsp wholegrain mustard, 1 tsp lecithin.  Shake well.  Easy, delicious, healthy.  My husband makes a batch each week.

If the weather is cold (often the case), then I make soup.  Start by frying a chopped onion in butter.  Add garlic, chopped carrot, celery.  After a few minutes, add chopped tomatoes (fresh or tinned), courgette, cauliflower greens (I chop and freeze these when I buy a cauliflower), green beans, peas – any veg you have really, herbs like parsley and oregano and stock (using the liquid left after doing a beef casserole in the slow cooker adds richness to the flavour).  Bring to the boil, simmer for 10 minutes.  Add a small tin of mixed pulses (kidney beans and similar).  Whizz with a hand blender.  Freeze in portions for a speedy lunch another day.  Serve with cheese rather than bread.  Also nice with seeds sprinkled on top and a dollop of cream.


Winter salad

Winter salad

Here’s a delicious winter salad I found on the internet (can’t remember where so if it’s yours let me know and I’ll credit you).

Slice raw Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and celery.  Add roughly chopped nuts, apple and stilton.  I’ve topped this with some cooked pork left over from a dinner.  Dress with olive oil and blobs of cranberry sauce.


I like to indulge in a chocolatey snack in the afternoon.  Here’s a yummy recipe using mainly dates, nuts and seeds.

In a bowl, pour a little boiling water over 4.5 oz stoned, chopped dates.

Add melted ingredients

Add melted ingredients

In a glass or pottery flan dish, mix:

3 or 4tbsp* sunflower seeds, 2tbsp desiccated coconut, 1tbsp sesame seeds, 3tbsp hemp, 3tbsp protein (eg whey) powder, 1tbsp chia seeds, 2tbsp chopped roasted hazlenuts, 2tbsp ground almonds, a handful or 2 of dark choc chips.

Ready to chill

Ready to chill

(* 1 tbsp = 15ml)


In a small pan, melt :

2oz butter, 1oz cocnut oil, 2tbsp cocoa powder or cacao and 1/2 tbsp vanilla essence.  Pour over dry ingredients and add soaked dates.

Mix together and ‘massage’ using the backs of 2 spoons until the mixture is dark, moist and uniform.

Choc, seed, protein snack

Choc, seed, protein snack



Keep in the fridge, cut into 1″ squares and enjoy!

(It’s nutrient dense so a couple of squares is enough.)