Next group course

In these very abnormal times, health has never been more important.  This is the ideal opportunity to get your body as robust as possible before the resurgence of the virus in the autumn.  There won’t be any physical group Eat for a Better Life courses for the foreseeable future but I can still help you learn to eat well by Telephone, Skype or Zoom.


  • Up your energy
  • Boost your health
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Enjoy your life!


  • Why real food is what your body needs.
  • A test of your personal type (we’re not all the same!)
  • Why you need more good fats and how to use them.
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes (what they do and where to get them).
  • Superfoods.
  • Health habits.
  • Mindfulness and how it affects your digestion.

When? TBA

Where? Your place!

Price? £145 for 4 or more people.

You could spend your whole life repeatedly going on diets

– or you could enjoy a transformation that lasts the rest of your life.


Don’t live in West Cumbria?
You can do the course by Skype or Zoom.  The Metabolic Type Test is the first part.


The next Jackie’s Gee Up will be by Zoom too (I hope we can get together soon)

When: 26th August

What: Depends what the world is like by then.  We’ll share what we’ve learned about eating well during lockdown and perhaps we’ll look at how to increase your body’s ability to deal with the virus when it comes back in the autumn.

There will also be some connection with like-minded folk who love to eat well.


Where: your place or mine!

Why: Learn something new and be encouraged to continue eating well by others who do it too!

Price: £19.