Next group course


Eat for a Better Life

Why do it?   Up your energy, boost your health, enjoy your life.

When? 13th February to 20th March 2018.

Where? United Reformed Church, Whitehaven.

Price? £145


  • What your body needs and why to eat real food.
  • A test of your personal metabolic type (we’re not all the same!).
  • The truth about fats (the good, the bad and how to use them).
  • Vitamins Minerals and Enzymes (what they do and where to get them).
  • Superfoods.
  • Mindfulness and how it affects your digestion.

Drop me an email now to book your your ticket to health and happiness!

077824 77364


Next Jackie’s Gee Up

Our next get together will be in April when I’m hoping Suzanne Lane will demonstrate chemical-free cleaning with ENJO fibres.

When: April – date to be finalised, 7:30 – 9:00pm

What: Motivation boosting and an interesting topic.

Where: To be finalised

Why?    Keep you on track (or get you back on track) with eating well.  Motivation booster. Further learning.
And here we are at Rosehill Theatre for the annual dinner
a great evening was had by all!