Next group course and Jackie’s Gee-Up

Eat for a Better Life group course

Why do it?   So you can feel fantastic and enjoy your life.

When? Septmeber 2017.

Where? Cockermouth.

Price? £145


  • What your body needs and why to eat real food.
  • A test of your personal metabolic type (we’re not all the same!).
  • The truth about fats (the good, the bad and how to use them).
  • Sprouting and juicing.
  • Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, toxins, superfoods.

Drop me an email to book your place

01946 517251  or  077824 77364

Next Jackie’s Drop In

What? I’ll park myself in a nice cafe to chat to any of you who come along.

13th June, 11:30, The New Bookshop, Cockermouth
20th June, 11:00, Dixon’s rooftop cafe, Whitehaven

Next Jackie’s Gee Up

It’s always good to get together with other people who understand food to share stories, learn more and support each other.

When: Friday 21st July 2017

What: Garden party – just for fun!  Bring and share your favourite food and drinks.

Where: Frizington

  • For members of the Eat Well Gang to encourage each other to eat well.
  • In a hostile, modern food environment, talk to people who understand.
  • To further your knowledge by learning something new.
  • To share hint, tips and successes.

Price: No charge

(We’ll do a normal session to look at a new topic in October.)